Overstock.com Starts Accepting Bitcoin – Get Trading!

Overstock.com is an online discount retailer store in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the United States. The store sells a wide range of products, such as rugs, furniture, beddings, clothing, electronics, jewelry and even cars. They also sell a wide selection of artisan crafted products from around the world and they also offer some unique items as well.

Overstock.com is a web based retail company that is dedicated to selling different kinds of high quality products at great value. They also take pride in offering excellent quality of service. The company is currently headquartered in Salt Lake City and is publicly listed at the NASDAQ Global Market System.

Recently, Overstock.com surprised several online shoppers when they announced that they will be among the places you can spend Bitcoins. This is great news for Bitcoin users who are looking forward to spending their Bitcoins for some of their favorite things. As you know, Overstock offers lots of high quality products.

The decision of Overstock also brings a shock to some people in the Bitcoin network. And indeed, if this decision will be a success, there is a big chance that several online retailers will follow the same path.

But according to some critics, there seems to be a little drawback in Overstock’s decision to accept the digital currency. The Bitcoins have an instant conversion model and companies are not that exposed to the currency’s volatility. In addition, Bitcoins do not seem to have a good reputation to some online sellers who really do not understand the main concept behind the crypto currency, and thus, this might just tarnish Overstock’s reputation in the world of online shopping.

However, the idea that this will be the first huge step to Bitcoin transitioning to the mainstream as an acceptable currency is still too early. For one, banks are not very bullish on Bitcoins, and would even try to steer clear of opening an account for Bitcoin friendly businesses. Furthermore, most banks worldwide will avoid recognizing Bitcoins as a medium of exchange. With the wild price fluctuations and limited safeguards, aside from the fact that it is at high risk to theft, it is still yet too early to conclude that Bitcoins will soon be embraced by some of the world’s biggest retailers. Nevertheless, with all the advantages of using Bitcoins, it would not hurt to check out some of the places you can spend Bitcoins such as the Overstock.

Shopping at Overstock.com using your Bitcoins is just so easy. Here are the easy steps to follow:

  • Get Bitcoins – of course, you first need to obtain Bitcoins. That is the first step to shopping at Overstock.com. There are various ways that you can obtain Bitcoins, although the easiest way is to exchange them for currency at your bank or through Bitcoin exchanges online. You can also choose to purchase Bitcoins from your friends or accept them as payment for some goods and services. And if you consider yourself a math whiz, create your own Bitcoins through a process called mining.
  • Shop at Overstock.com – so now that you have Bitcoins, you can now begin shopping at Overstock.com. So visit their website and begin your shopping. Choose from a wide selection of products. It’s basically the same as shopping from your favorite retailer. Once you have your products on your shopping cart and you are ready to go, click check out.
  • Check out – on the check out section, you will be asked to choose a mode of payment. Since you are paying with your Bitcoins, then choose Bitcoins as your mode of payment. You can simply click on “Pay with Bitcoin”, found on the Payment Information section, right on the check out page.

And that’s it! You are done shopping at Overstock.com with your Bitcoins and all you will do is wait for your purchases to arrive soon. As you can see, shopping with your Bitcoins is definitely so easy.

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